Drug Middlemen Got Big Markup in New York, Pharmacists Say

By Robert Langreth Pharmacy-benefit managers are taking increasingly large markups on generic drugs in New York, according to an analysis of Medicaid prescriptions at independent pharmacies in the state. In Medicaid, private insurers…

Bronx Pharmacy Forced to Cut Employee Hours Amid Battle With Insurance Middleman

By Angi Gonzalez For more than 40 years Sedgwick Pharmacy has been a staple in Kingsbridge Heights. However, 38-year old Adam Agovino, who now co-owns the

Pharmacists press on in a fight against benefit managers

By Jonathan Lamantia Independent pharmacists scored a political victory when Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature banned a common pricing tactic used by pharmacy benefit

Small pharmacies seeking lawmakers to enforce fair compensation

By Stephanie Golden Independent pharmacy owners from across New York gathered at the state capitol on Tuesday. They are calling on lawmakers to eliminate the pharmacy

Senate Hearing on Drug Pricing Focuses on Pharmacy Benefit Managers

By Kristen Coppock A hearing of the US Senate’s Finance Committee on Tuesday addressed drug pricing and the role pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) play in determining