The Fix

How have PBMs gotten away with rigging prices, eliminating patient choice, ripping off taxpayers and destroying neighborhood pharmacies?

In a highly regulated healthcare system, PBMs – which do not directly provide any healthcare services – are the only unregulated entity. That means no oversight, no accountability.

So what’s the fix?


Introducing new regulations to protect patients, taxpayers and pharmacists is critical to fixing New York’s broken prescription drug system. Bringing about this kind of change begins by exposing the problem once and for all.

That is why New York should follow the lead of other states that have already
taken steps to rein in PBMs, and conduct an audit to account for every dollar they
paid to these prescription drug middlemen. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and
New Yorkers deserve to know how many of their tax dollars have gone to line the
pockets of the PBMs.


Thanks to your support for FixRx’s efforts, New York in April 2019 became one of the first states to eliminate spread pricing in Medicaid managed care. This takes away a powerful tool that PBMs have used to rip off taxpayers, patients and neighborhood pharmacies. But the fight isn’t over. Now, it’s time to cut out the middlemen entirely.

How? Stay tuned for details in the weeks ahead, as well as ways you can help fix this broken system.

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