Local Pharmacies on Long Island Struggle to Survive

By Greg Cergol The small pharmacies, both on Long Island and across the country, say their troubles can be pinned on outside companies that serve as

Utica-area pharmacists rally for transparency with drug costs

By Amy Neff Roth Independent pharmacists rallied at Parkway Drugs on Leland Avenue and at nine other locations across the state Wednesday to urge the governor

Local Pharmacists Call for Regulated Drug Costs

By Jessica Houghtaling Demonstrations statewide called on Governor Cuomo to support controlling prescription drug costs. Local pharmacists gathered at the Medicine Shoppe in Camillus. Some are

Pharmacy benefit managers vs. firefighters: Crack down on middlemen who drive up the cost of prescription drugs

By Samuel Fresina Firefighters put their lives on the line daily to run into burning buildings and limit property damage. The 18,000 hardworking men and women

Bronx Pharmacy Forced to Cut Employee Hours Amid Battle With Insurance Middleman

By Angi Gonzalez For more than 40 years Sedgwick Pharmacy has been a staple in Kingsbridge Heights. However, 38-year old Adam Agovino, who now co-owns the