PBMs’ markups are getting bigger

By Sam Baker Pharmacy benefit managers’ role in the drug supply chain is incredibly opaque. But Bloomberg helps pull back the curtain a little bit more. How it works: PBMs’

Local pharmacies worry they may have to close their doors for good: survey

BY JOE MAUCERI For many New Yorkers local pharmacists are the face of healthcare in their communities. “You walk up to my counter, a pharmacist is here

Local pharmacies concerned about future: ‘We’re on track to be bankrupt’

By Nicole Brown Nearly 500 neighborhood pharmacies in the city are considering cutting hours or staff this year because of financial concerns, according to a recent

Drug Middlemen Got Big Markup in New York, Pharmacists Say

By Robert Langreth Pharmacy-benefit managers are taking increasingly large markups on generic drugs in New York, according to an analysis of Medicaid prescriptions at independent pharmacies in

Pharmacy-benefit managers charge hefty markups on generic drugs: pharmacists’ report

Bloomberg News In Medicaid, private insurers are paid by the state to cover low-income citizens. The insurers in turn usually contract with pharmacy-benefit managers, or PBMs,